Our Story


Welcome! Crown Wealth Management has one primary focus since opening its doors over 25 years ago. Our goal is to help clients improve their lives by discovering what it means to Live Abundantly, Give Generously™,the trademark tagline. It means living with significance, having purpose, and being intentional with how we invest our time and resources. It is experiencing the fullness of what life can offer and making wise decisions for both today and tomorrow. When living abundantly is the focus, generosity naturally follows.


Crown Wealth Management looks at money from a different perspective. This is what makes us unique and why we continue to grow, today serving close to 500 households with over $75 million in assets. Many companies focus their wealth management on investing, retirement and securing income for the future. These are important aspects of planning, but we believe living a life of significance starts today.

The five main principles behind abundant living and generous giving are Family Values, Intrinsic Treasures, Resource Stewardship, Engaging Society and Legacies of Wisdom. True wealth focuses on what money can’t buy.

Crown Wealth Management specializes in working with business owners, philanthropies and special-needs families, helping them make informed decisions about their wealth. Our services include financial planning, investment management, tax and business planning, and giving and estate planning. Our team of financial advisors work diligently to be a trusted, valuable resource for each client and to customize a plan to meet their financial goals. Our team values trust and transparency and takes seriously the fiduciary standard to put the client first.

Explore our website. Get to know our team, our services, and if you like, try out our free tool called the “Significance Diagnostic.” This tool helps evaluate and determine how deeply you are truly experiencing the pleasure and richness of living with significance. We have a dedicated team ready to serve you.

Please call us at (714) 962-1800 for your complimentary initial appointment to explore the possibility of working together.